ACO Governing Body
The ACO governing body assumes full legal authority and responsibility for the operation of Allegiance  ACO.  The governing Board of Managing members serve as the governing authority for the Medicare Shared Savings Program, which function according to the operating document of the ACO. 
The governing board comprises of 11  managing members (President, Treasury, Secretary, 6 Voting Board Members) with necessary administrative support, 1 member representing the community and 1 member (Medicare Beneficiary) representing the Medicare beneficiary community
Dr. Marc Whitman - President
Dr. Muhammad Mustafa - Treasury
Dr. Anasse Souidi - Secretary
Dr. David May - Voting Board Member
Dr. Nauman Diwan - Voting Board Member
Dr. Sheryl Haber Kuo - Voting Board Member
Dr. Amit Ray - Voting Board Member
Dr. Manish Gugnani - Voting Board Member
Dr. Dr. Lawrence Anastasi - Voting Board Member
Mrs. Adrienne Hayling - Beneficiary Representative
Anthony Bolden - Community Representative

Quality Assurance and Enforcement Improvement (QA/PI) and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Committee 

List of Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QA/PI) and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Committee Members

Chair: Dr. Anasse Souidi

Dr. Marc Whitman - Pennington Infectious Disease Associates, PC
Dr. Anasse Souidi (chair)  - Mercer Internists/(Capital Care Associates)
Dr. Bipinpreet Nagra - Capital Cardiology Associates
Dr. Rubina Raza - Medical Associates at Hamilton
Dr. Sheryl Haber Kuo - Sheryl Haber Kuo MD

Finance and Compensation Committee

List of Finance and Compensation Committee Members

Chair: Dr. Muhammad Mustafa - Capital Cardiology Associates
Dr. Manish Gugnani - Mercer Bucks Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Amit Ray - We Care MD, PC
Dr. Vedat Obuz - Lotus Clinic, PC
Dr. Sheryl Haber Kuo - Sheryl Haber Kuo MD

More about ACO's from CMS

What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

The Shared Savings Program ACOs are groups of doctors and other health care providers who voluntarily work together with Medicare to give high quality service to Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries. An ACO is not a Medicare Advantage plan or an HMO.

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Shared Savings Program Fast Facts

The Shared Savings Program Fast Facts are an annual collection of data that illustrate facts about the Shared Savings Program ACOs such as, where ACOs are located, ACO composition, payment characteristics, beneficiary population demographics, and the risk profile of the ACO beneficiary population. This compilation of information provides an aggregate look at the composition of all ACOs, not specific ACOs. 

Allegiance Health Group and ACO